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Sorry, guys

2014-06-21 01:10:59 by STONECREED

This NG page is dead...

Though I did make a new one filled with digital atrocites..

Need a background artist

2013-11-17 19:38:30 by STONECREED

I require an artist for a background of this muscular study I was working on... If you could help, I'd be much obliged.

Need a background artist

Need a background artist

2013-11-11 21:38:28 by STONECREED

I need a background artist for this pic for The Year Of Luigi... anyone who is willing to give me some assistance, please message me...

Need a background artist

Help, please...

2013-11-09 19:43:06 by STONECREED

I'm practicing a bit with character motion and perspective... though I can't get the damned perspective to look right...
I need an opinion... so could someone please give me their thought's on this pic?
Don't mind the arm missing... I'm going to add it after I KNOW I have the hand place correctly...

Help, please...


2013-05-16 17:07:56 by STONECREED

I've just made a steam account and now I'm attempting to whore myself out over the internet, so please... feel free to add me my name is "aagmrcrowley" Or "Crow"
I've also got a youtube channel... I do mainly video game playthrough's on it, though I do enjoy ranting a bit about stupid shit... So subscribe you worthless bastards! <3
My Channel: FUC7DCw

Later... have a grand day.


2013-02-09 21:02:38 by STONECREED

I finally got some art posted. This piece of shit scanner did not want to work, so I'll be using Photoshop for a while.

My specialties.

2012-12-30 22:08:17 by STONECREED

I enjoy drawing/sketching, but I hate color, I love making eyes, mouths and hands.
I draw pictures that can't be taken with a camera, yet I enjoy using human anatomy in my art, art WILL be posted soon.
So wait for em'... they'll be worth it.